In 2016, Paul Rowbotham wrote a book called 


RAGE: if you learn to speak it, you can surely break it.


This book has now been read by hundreds of primary and secondary school aged children. Its message is that of understanding the roots of our moments of anger and frustration as well as learning how to communicate it in a way that can bring healing.

Mental health amongst young people is becoming more and more important, particularly now as we journey through what has been the hardest time since in our country the second world war, over 70 years ago. According to The Children's Society, 1 in 6 children and currently struggling with a mental health condition.

Reading 4Life was launched in September 2020.

Reading 4Life is about getting young people to become reflective readers - more than just ‘reading for pleasure’. If a child can read a book, reflect and change, then that is LIFE.

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Paul Rowbotham 


Paul has worked in four secondary schools and several primary schools for a total of 28 years. He has also worked in schools in Jamaica, was part of a team developing Ghana’s National Curriculum and is an education consultant with his own company, FT 2020 Ltd.

Writing Rage and setting up the Reading 4Life project became his way of demonstrating resilience and strength of character, which he hopes will inspire his readers.

His own story is quite remarkable. He struggled at school and had to repeat a year due to lack of progress. Later in life he discovered his academic disengagement (and poor behaviour) was linked to dyslexia. Paul has faced many challenges and developed a 'can do' mentality, something he hopes young people will emulate as they draw inspiration from his book and the project.

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